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Welcome to my Madness!!

Ranma and Ryouga, the real Dyanamic Duo

Welcome to my fanfiction page, FIRST PAGE YAH!!! *looks around noticing everyone is staring at him, clears his throat* Sorry I'm just excited that I finally have a page. I write mainly Ranma 1/2 fanfiction and crossovers, but I do write about Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw star, Various RPG's(Role Playing Games) and other animes. But do be warned I write down every idea that goes into my head so some the story idea's might be out there. Enjoy and please contact me with comments, Questions, even Complaints at the link below.

Ryouga's best friend

Update central!
Aug. 12, 2004- Melting process part 5 is up.
Aug. 8 2004-  an update! I'm not dead, really! I've added a new chapter to ham ham getaway and all I have so far of the melting process... so my site is now officially up to date with my ff.net profile. Now I must return to my battle with writer's block...*Draws sword* HAVE AT THEE FOUL DEMON!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Ranma 1/2 or and of the other animes or video games I use in my stories. I do own any characters I think up though(The zodiac deamons of a change for the better for example) so I don't leave emptey handed.